May 19, 2014

Best exercises for the muscles of the chest

Secrets techniques Since breasts are large enough muscle group, apart from the mandatory progress in the working balance you need to pay attention to diversity training and proper technique to muscle hypertrophy and concomitant growth was evenly. When you bench press does not relax muscles in the upper and lower points of the movement, not straighten the elbow and do not touch the barbell chest. Lift the barbell up on the 1-2, 4-6 score to immerse.

When breeding dumbbells do not reduce hands too close and not dilute them behind his back. The most common errors If, despite the fact that you are training hard chest, she does not get the optimum shape, you probably admit one of the following errors: First, you chase the big scales at the expense of technology; secondly, constantly train the same pectoral muscle bundles.

Periodically change the shells, so that each workout was two or three non-recurring exercises. Besides, do not focus on simulators, which are suitable only for the completion of training, preferring basic exercises with free weights. The program for the development of the chest muscles Because breast - large muscle mass easily increases its training with the constant growth of the working weight Effective methods of negative reps when you help raise the bar, but you omit it themselves, as well as equipment failure and achieve Pumping.

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