May 22, 2014

Exercise for chest muscles

Chest exercise on Muscles must have sufficient blood and oxygen. Normal blood supply to the brain is increased 4-6 fold increase 2-4 times the heart beats faster and increases the force of the heart is increased by 20-50%. For patients with heart failure cannot pump blood to the muscles sufficiently.

Patients with heart failure due to pump only 50 percent of normal due to a heart attack can increase the blood volume is 50 (normalized to 100) to squeeze once In addition, patients with heart failure, cardiac faster anyway; therefore my heart is beating faster, more like a normal person. Muscles Muscles and ligaments to act prop spine.
 If there is inflammation, it will cause a contraction of the muscles causing pain. The pain after more than two weeks can cause chronic back pain due on pain. I do not have the muscle group. Muscle group is not strong to settle for unhealthy chronic back pain eventually. The pain is caused by the muscles. It also may be caused by inflammation of the muscles of the legs. Since the body is to use the latter rather than the hip bone.

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