May 22, 2014

Exercise in patients with failure

Benefits of exercise Can exercise more the exercise longer and harder, which is seen as a way out for 3 weeks with walking Cycling And weights By providing each exercise for 20 minutes 4-5 times a week, exercise heart rate by approx. 70-80% of the beats target (220 - age). Catecholamine levels a substance formed in the body as a heart attack. If there is too much material to adversely affect the body.

After exercise found that most reports say that the volume decrease. The impact on patients Exercise will make the system better breathing. The exchange of gas increases. Vascular endothelial cell function improved. Resulted in the secretion of a substance that causes blood vessels to expand even more Blood to the limbs and the key to the heart increased.

Exercise makes the heart work better adaptability, after exercise showed that heart function better. Heart beats slower and increases the amount of blood in each compression (systolic). Mortality or hospital stay Chest pain or lower patients with congestive heart failure, type similar to bad Diastolic dysfunction is a condition in which the heart of the heart is unable to relax blood. Each time the heart squeezes blood is less than normal. This condition usually occurs in the elderly.

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