May 19, 2014

How to build chest muscles

The most effective exercises and training program for the development of the pectoral muscles Study of breast forms, techniques and secrets of the description of the main mistakes beginners. Chest muscles: anatomy Pectoral muscles are composed of large, small and serratus anterior. The main function of large muscles - bringing hands to the body Pectoralis minor pulls the scapula forward and down, serratus anterior muscle presses the blade to the torso.

Chest muscles, being one of the largest muscles in the body, forming a characteristic physical shape of the torso, causing athletes to focus on training this muscle group Powerful and developed chest is the dream of many trainees. The best exercises for the muscles of the chest Traditionally, the best exercises for pectoral muscles include bench press on a flat bench , incline bench press in breeding and dumbbells lying.

In the literature, are not rare debates about barbell or dumbbells better to do these exercises? The rod on the one hand, less traumatic, since it allows to work with when using a large insurance operating weight. Dumbbells which in turn allow use stabilizers in the muscles, focusing individual beams on the chest muscle.

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