May 24, 2014

Mistakes in Loss and strengthen the abdominal muscles

One of the muscles that are of interest to many people is the abdominal muscles and Loss rumen or Loss abdominal area, but with frequent desire that attract people for this purpose frequently wrongful acts in the process LOSS abdomen and strengthen the surrounding muscles, and still wishing to do so they walk behind the myths which lead them always to erroneous results. Strengthen the abdominal muscles to lose the belly This is one of the biggest misconceptions that think where those who want to strengthen the abdominal muscles and slimming, they are two lanes walking side by side, in the sense that slimming needs with sports diet, Vtdrebat abdomen that can hide the rumen, but it does not hide most of the fat around the abdomen, they need a system diet to lose belly.

Gives a lot of training abdominal muscles desired shape faster Many believe in stages LOSS abdomen and strengthen the muscles surrounding and dividing that by training every day, only this gives withstand higher, but the abdominal muscles, like the rest of the muscles in the body, they need adequate rest to recover, from three to four days between each train order gaining better shape. The use of heavy weights The concept is wrong for the abdominal muscles it is the rest of the muscle, but this is a fatal error, they are muscles just like any muscle, with fibers, quick and slow, but the optimal training which is in line with the strengthening and help LOSS rumen are duplicates many weights with ease.

Training the abdominal muscles in partnership with other There are some exercises vehicle by the other and that also take advantage of the abdominal muscles, such as training squat muscles thighs, but this is not true, Fdilat her tummy exercises very special to be helpful for you, and therefore accrue to those who want LOSS abdomen and rumen time soon. You must configure the six-pack muscle Every person is different from the other in the number of muscles that appear from the abdominal muscles, Valonsjh genetic plays a big role in the show of muscle, there appears to have muscles and there are four of the six shows with him, there should be a phenomenon of the abdominal muscles visible perfect.

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