May 24, 2014

Muscle size for age

Studies have shown in recent times that you can increase the size of the muscle, but low levels with the progress of your age, but the question that is going on in the minds of some, but a lot, is that the muscles are always smaller than some of the age of forty and shows that the elderly and those who were practicing the sport at a young age, appears to them a little bit weaker.

Indeed With the passage of years and human progress in age, especially after the age of forty less muscle size at a rate of 5 percent every 10 years and up to 10% after the age of fifty, equivalent to 1 percent for the year, therefore, imagine yourself suffering from muscle weakness or that you do not exercise Sports of the foundation, imagine the amount of suffering that Staaneha in old age, but the time you still have to start with, even if you are in a great age.

As noted at the outset that you can even now interest Badilatk and work on exercise and increase the size of the muscle, which protect you from a lot of diseases, you can maintain your muscles and increase its size until the age of 90 workers, and start to exercise and you'll find amazing results that will be the result because you become someone mathematically.

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