May 24, 2014

This advice will make you carry weights more

One of the important questions that I always ask her a lot of sports enthusiasts strengthen the muscles is how to make myself the highest weights more or more than the amount of weights that I hold, if we take an example like lifting weights chest, always find it difficult to do so, but there are some factors which, if followed it You'll find the subject much easier. 1 - Improve the way performance This always depends on your coach, you have access to optimal performance to lift the weight of such a tight grip hands or wide, put the feet on the ground, good balance.

2 - Repeat with less weight more This way you can access the lift more weight because you increase the number of muscle fibers and motor nerve Alkhlaah, not necessarily to become the largest muscle , you will increase the weight then more. Workouts Help There are a lot of exercises that will help you help to increase the weight in a short time to amplify the muscle , for example, when you want to increase the weights on the chest muscles you exercise a great deal of pressure and parallel, it helps a lot on it.

Strengthen the surrounding muscles Also will continue on the same the previous example, a chest muscles, if you want to carry more weight on the chest muscles you strengthen the muscles surrounding Seibes such as triglyceride and Albay Seibes, they are the primary engine of the major muscles of the surrounding muscles such as the chest or as we call it Balbnc. Eat more sleep more For an increase in the weights carried on the muscles there are very important factors, namely food and sleep, if you feel tired of the lack of sleep or starving your body will not work at least the required efficiency and enhance neural pathways and thus less muscle stimulation Vijab own.

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